Coming Soon! My debut EP: DON’T BE A STRANGER

Containing three original compositions, DON’T BE A STRANGER is an EP heavily influenced by my time at Berklee Valencia, Spain with elements of bossa nova, buleria, and other Mediterranean music in a contemporary jazz foundation.

The title track DON’T BE A STRANGER was inspired by a one-night stand. As a Leo with Pisces rising I’m highly creative, but loving, romantic and open-hearted. I didn’t want it to be a one-night stand, but that’s all it was to her. Sometimes we meet at the wrong time and someone’s heart isn’t as open as ours. All we can do is feel the pain of desire and hope that they stay connected in some way.

ABSOLUT is based on my thinking about what’s in store for us, for humanity. We’re all in this together, but most have bought into the idea of separateness, every person for themselves. We’re experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, uncertainty about the future. Some people are self-medicating, others are living life as if nothing has changed while chaos knocks at the door, and some are scapegoating people who look and speak differently than they do.

Cantelbary Song is here to remind us (and me) not to fall into despair. There are always kind, loving people who do good because it’s in their hearts. Not because religion tells them they must, or because of any outside requirement, but because they see themselves in others. It’s my tribute to a loving family with whom I stayed in Park City, Utah a few years ago.

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