Featured Performer at the Parade of American Music

Just finished performing at the Parade of American Music sponsored by my benefactors, The Coral Gables Music Club. The event was held at the Coral Gables Congregational United Church of Christ, home of the Community Arts Program and the Coral Gables All-Star Jazz Ensemble, of which I’m an alumnus.

Here’s more information about why this event is produced in November.

The Florida Federation of Music Clubs
Observes the Month of November

The National Federation of Music has declared the month of November as American Music Month. The Professor Rudolph R. A. Schramm Parade of American Music honors its founder, Ada Holding Miller, by encouraging NFMC clubs to increase programming and performance of American music; to bring more recognition to American composers; to stimulate public appreciation and awareness of American music; and to broaden the knowledge of American music. The Parade encompasses all aspects of music, i. e., folk music, jazz, hymns, musical theater, symphonies, bands and solo compositions. An Award was established in 1987, by the widow of Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm.

Professor Schramm was a distinguished composer, conductor, musicologist and arranger, first Music Director of the US Office of Education; conductor of over 15,000 TV and radio programs, including President Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats” and Mrs. Roosevelt’s “My Day”; composer of over eighty film scores, including the documentary “Nanook of the North”; one of the founders of the National Symphony Orchestra in D. C.; first music scientist to develop the Total Rhythm Families. Dr. Marion Richter and Dr. Merle Montgomery were his students.

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