Max Holm

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Max Holm is a jazz and classical pianist, composer of music for 

film/TV/video games, an arranger, and a performer.


Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, now residing in 

Stillwater, he is adjunct jazz piano professor 

at Oklahoma State University's Greenwood School 

of Music. He is a proud world traveler, having 

lived in 22 cities across the US and Europe. 


Max has performed hundreds of times across the US

and Europe, often with renowned jazz musicians, 

and opening jazz festivals with his trio and quartet. 


Max received his Bachelor of Music (summa cum laude 

2020) from Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

His music can be heard on Fox TV, BET+, Univision, 

Ireland Public Television, a Monster Energy campaign, 

and in thousands of content generated for Internet 

programs. His music has been heard by over 22 million 

TikTok users, half a million YouTubers, and counting.


His jazzified recordings of two popular classical 

compositions will be heard in an upcoming film starring 

two famed Academy Award winners.


In his book Ace Your Sight-Reading Audition!, Max shares 

sight reading hacks that helped him win over $500,000 in 

music scholarships. The book is available in English and 

Spanish. A series of hacks based on the book will be 

released on social media soon, as well as the possibilities 

of more intense, personalized classes for students, and 

lesson plans/worksheets for music teachers.


His album of neo-classical music for film trailers, IMPASSE

has recently been released on Audiosocket Records.


Contact Holm Bookings at Gmail for personal attention.

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