Last Week of September 2018 – And Things are Heating Up!

This is going to be my favorite semester at Berklee College of Music. It’s not just because I’m getting into singing and songwriting, but because I have a lot more time to collaborate with other artists, while expanding my abilities into other genres. I’m able to graduate a year early because of all the credits I’m accumulated through testing out, dual enrollment credits I earned as a high school student and CLEP exam credits I’ve earned, but I’ve decided to stay, since it’s all free for me, in order to learn as much as I can about music production, film composing, singing, and songwriting.

This week my schedule is revving up. I’ve got three gigs, so far this week:

Neuro-Rehab Management Annual Retreat cocktail piano at the Andover Inn at Philips Academy in Andover, MA

Thorn Law Group Private dinner cocktail piano at the studio of artist Giovanni DeCunto in South Boston

Scandinavian Cultural Center jazz tio at the Nordic Hall in Newton, MA

I’m also working on the content for a short film about me by a Boston University Graduate Film School student named John Varkados with whom I worked on the WONDERFUL movie. I’ll probably revise my composition of The Cantlebary Song for that.

And I’m collaborating with hip hop artist Tristan Simone aka Arturo Fernandez and separately with pop songstress Sarah Mathes.

I’m also preparing for a big October event for TEDx Beacon Street at WGBH Boston’s public radio station, which I’m thinking of bringing a Latin band to.

In the meantime, I’m interning with John Eye at The Beach House Studios, which has been a fun and eye-opening experience. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. I got to co-compose the music for a political commercial that includes the governor of Massachusetts, plus I actually got to mix the drum track for a Boston band’s album.

I’m finishing up recording the keyboard parts to Yaya Matthews’ EP of love songs. Check out my Instagram for some clips.

I’m also in a couple of bands, Inklinks, the European Alternative Band based out of Milan, and S. A. L. E. M., a talented pop singer/songwriter out of Berklee.

All in all it’s exciting to finally be able to have the time to explore musically.

If you don’t find ways to free yourself with credits to experiment, you’ll spend your entire college life appeasing the graduation requirement gods, and then what have you got? No real experience. That’s for sure.

I’m here to squeeze as much music out of life as I can.

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