Mission Statement

I am a willing channel for the manifestation of music in the world. I use my experiences, positive and negative, to rise to my full potential as an artist. I seek, recognize and incorporate new ideas for creative musical growth.

As performing musician, my sound is built upon a strong background in musical theory, harmony and award-winning jazz musicianship. Those elements vary depending on the genre of music I’m performing, but they always add substance, intricacy and layers to the composition.

As a composer/arranger, my original music comes across as intelligent, well-structured, and melodic.

My work is reminiscent of the great European composers, musicians from the heyday of jazz, and singer/songwriters of the R&B and soul eras.

I seek, recognize and use opportunities to collaborate with others to materialize concepts that aim to improve the world through music. I aim to bring joy, happiness, insight and realizations to humanity through my compositions and performances. When performing, my aim is to engage the audience, to make them want to move their bodies, while feeling the story I’m telling. My compositions evoke an awareness within my audience of the joys and sorrows of life, leaving them with hope for the future.