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At the All State Band concert we got scouted by someone playing with Kenny Garrett tonight at Nova Southeastern University. So, now we’re jamming with them at NSU. Kenny Garrett is a well-known alto saxophonist. Jamming outside were me, Sebastian Rios, Tyson Jackson, Ben Stocker, Anthony Hervey, Adesh Balraj, plus some other cats.

Yesterday evening I performed in the Florida All-State Jazz Band at the Tampa Convention Center. Afterward two guys ran up to me and asked me for my autograph, saying that they knew I was going to be famous. My first autographs!  I gotta say it felt great. DCA Jazz Ensemble was representing with 3 of us being selected for the elite state jazz band. Photo...

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DCA Jazz Ensemble in Chicago for Midwest Clinic performance December 2013

Jamming at the Hilton in Chicago with DCA Jazz