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Utah Jazz Halftime Show March 18, 2015

I’ll perform during the halftime show on March 18 at USANA Energy Solutions Arena (19,000 people!). Utah Jazz vs Washington Wizards. I’ll be performing with the Crescent Super Band. Catch us on TV or online. 2nd time at USANA Arena!

My keytar solo on Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” – I was told the crowd of 19,000 went wild. I didn’t notice. At Energy Solutions Arena, home of the Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City.

Performing at USANA AWARDS 2014 at Energy Solutions Arena

Private Corporate Event

Private Corporate Event Playing a private corporate event for USANA at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City tomorrow, August 28, with the Crescent Super Band. Home of the NBA Jazz; also hosts major touring concerts, rodeos, ice shows, family shows, circuses, motor sports, hockey and large conventions.