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Jamming with jazz guitarist Corey Christiansen at JEN 2015

Local musician chases his dream

Local musician chases his dream It was a week that changed his life, and Max Holm remembers it in vivid detail. He shifts back in his seat as he tells the story. There are a few inaccuracies in this article published today in the Park Record. I should’ve been clearer. I’ve only been playing piano for 5 years, for example – but, hey, it’s nice...

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Dear Max, On behalf of the Jazz Education Network, CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as the 2015 Lou Fischer Co-Founder Scholarship recipient sponsored by JEN!  This award recognizes an outstanding jazz student who excels in a high school music program who has a strong resume and is supported with exemplary recommendations from professionals in the field.  Hopefully, you will get to meet Dr. Lou Fischer and...

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Thank you to the Jazz Education Network! I was the only high school student in the country chosen to receive the JEN Lou Fischer Scholarship Award.  I get a $1,000 merit grant! This can defray some of the costs of flying to various live college auditions. #I’mStillInHighSchool #JENGRANT